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Level Test

Level Test


1. What's your name

a) My name John b) My name's John
c) John is d) I John

2. Is he married or single? _____single

a) Is he b) He's
c) He d) Is

3. Is this your pen? Yes, it's _______ pen.

a) a b) my
c) the d) me

4. _______________ smoke?

a) Do you b) You
c) Are you d) Have you

5. This is Hugo and that's Mary. Mary is ______ wife.

a) Hugo is b) Hugo's
c) Hugo of d) of Hugo

6. There isn't _______ money in the bank.

a) some b) no
c) none d) any

7. ____ a cigarette? No, thanks. I don't smoke.

a) Do you like b) Do you smoke
c) Would you like d) Take you

8. Isn't that my book? No it's ______. He bought it yesterday.

a) his b) he's
c) the one he have d) he has

9. My plane leaves at 10,00. It's already 9.00. I __ go immediately.

a) have b) can
c) do d) must

10. ____ the weather ________?

a) What's / like b) How / is
c) Does / like d) How's / going


1. Last year I _______in Greece.

a) did b) were
c) was d) have been

2. And this isn't one of ________ either!

a) my b) mine
c) me d) they

3. What would you like to drink? _____ a whisky, please.

a) I have b) I drink
c) I'll drink d) I'll have

4. You like pop music, _________? Yes, I do.

a) are you b) don't you
c) yes d) really

5. I can see a big black cloud over there. I think it _____ rain.

a) is to b) is going to
c) is d) will be

6. London's ____ interesting _____ Manchester.

a) more / of b) very / from
c) more / than d) very / because

7. Can I have a cigarette? I'm sorry, I've only got ____ left.

a) some b) a little
c) not much d) a few

8. When I was a student I ________ work as a waiter.

a) did use to b) was used to
c) use to d) used to

9. He _____ played tennis since 1962.

a) haven't b) didn't
c) had d) hasn't

10. If _________ breakfast, I'll ring again later.

a) you have b) you're having
c) you'll have d) you take


1. I came here _______ quickly ______ I could.

a) so / that b) more / than
c) so / as d) as / as

2. Sorry you didn't find me at home; _____ out to do some shopping.

a) I'd gone b) I was going
c) I'll be d) I've been going

3. In my opinion, you __________ accept that job: you won't find anything better.

a) would b) will
c) shouldn't d) should

4. Hi! What a surprise to see you! ________ you.

a) I wasn't expecting b) I'm not expecting
c) I haven't expected d) I don't expect

5. Kathy _______ a few minutes ago.

a) has left b) leaves
c) left d) had left

6. Your eyes are red - ___________?

a) did you cry b) have you been crying
c) have you cried d) do you cry

7. When you ________ Dave, tell him he still owes me some money.

a) are going to see b) are seeing
c) see d) will see

8. ______ been diverted, they would have arrived early.

a) Had the plane not b) Hadn't the plane
c) The plane had not d) The plane not had

9. We ________ a party next Saturday. Can you come?

a) 're to have b) 're having
c) have d) 'll have

10. Walking under a ladder ________ be unlucky.

a) is suppose to b) should
c) ought to d) is supposed to

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